Robotics and Remote Systems Division


The Robotics and Remote Systems Division (RRSD) is composed of over 500 professionals from industry, government laboratories and academia in the areas of automation, robotics and remote systems. The activities of the division are governed by officers and an executive committee elected by the national members of the division.

RRSD, whose roots date back to 1960, was the first professional division of the American Nuclear Society. The original name, the Hot Laboratories Division, was changed to Remote Systems Technology Division in 1965. To be more representative of its modern role, the current name was adopted in 1992. For over four decades, its members have made significant contributions in all fields utilizing remote technology, including nuclear energy.

Example Areas of Technical Interest – Mobile Robots, Industrial Robots, Manipulators, Inspection and Maintenance, Reprocessing and Fuel Fabrication, Computer Vision, Artifical Intelligence.

The Mission of the Robotics and Remote Systems Division is to promote the development and application of robotic and remote systems for hazardous environments for the purpose of reducing hazardous exposure to individuals, reducing environmental hazards and reducing the cost of performing work.

If you work in the robotics, manipulation or automation fields and are deal with the harsh environments, our division serves as a technical conduit and spokesperson for your work.


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